Green Energy and Verified Emission Reductions

Bischoff & Ditze Energy is based in Hamburg (Germany) and was established in 2005 by Dr. Martin Bischoff and Thomas Ditze. We were the first German company to professionalize handling European Guarantees of Origin (GoOs). Since then we have gained expertise and experience in global green energy solutions and climate neutrality strategies. And continue to do so.

We conduct our operational business on national and international markets on all continents of the globe. We always keep a keen eye on recent market developments and consumer trends, to support our customers in developing the most innovative sustainability strategies.

Unique Sustainability Strategies

Sustainability adds value to your brand. Show your clients that you make smart business decisions and align your strategic choices with a well-defined sustainability profile. Improve your CSR through green engagement and demonstrate your environmental commitment. Enhance your performance and outstrip your competitors with your unique sustainability strategy.


Since we were founded, we have been successfully active in the European energy market with a focus on Germany. During this time we were able to win numerous public tenders, energy suppliers and industrial customers with our product portfolio and our services. 
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