RenewablePLUS – Sustainable Green Energy

Go green and make your actions visible. By using our label RenewablePLUS you can show that your company values a sustainable, ecologically sound and future oriented energy supply. When it comes to corporate social responsibility, our certified standard RenewablePLUS is just what you need. Your company will be ahead of the competition. Upon request we can also modify and/or expand RenewablePLUS, for example to meet the EKOenergy/Green-e/LEED – standards.


RenewablePLUS certified Guarantees of Origin (GoOs) offer the following features:

Guaranteed investment in sustainable energy production

When you buy the RenewablePLUS standard, you buy GoOs that come from plants whose owner(s)/operator(s) invest

  • either in completely new facilities
  • and/or in the expansion and extension of existing facilities
  • and/or invest in environmental measures that relate to the production of renewable energy.


RenewablePLUS is also sustainable – by supporting climate protection projects with positive ecological and social effects in accordance with the EcoPLUS quality label, the CO₂ emissions emitted from electricity generation (construction and operation) are saved elsewhere.

Universally recognised, certified Guarantees of Origin

RenewablePLUS is one of the best established labels on the marketplace for green electricity. The green properties of RenewablePLUS are based on recognised GoOs, which prevent double counting and guarantee the production of electricity from renewable energy sources. GoOs are certified and documented by the appropriate (EECS-GO) authorities. We can also offer ex-domain cancelations, if necessary.

Simultaneity on a monthly basis

Our label RenewablePLUS includes simultaneity on a monthly basis as a key feature. Which means that you can be sure that the production of your renewable energy does not just take place in few weeks of the year, but is simultaneously produced every single month of the year. Upon request we can also accommodate your forecasted load profile.

Transparency and Credibility

As a globally renowned independent auditor, the TÜV Rheinland Energy GmbH certifies RenewablePLUS on an annual basis. This review is based on our publicly and transparently kept Catalogue of Criteria.

For more information about the certification of RenewablePLUS, please visit:

Additionally we offer a wide range of services:

Improve your brand with RenewablePLUS

Take charge with a green vanguard brand and outstrip the competition. By using our label RenewablePLUS you can show that your brand stands for sustainability and an ecologically sound and future oriented energy supply.

In order to help you spread this message, we can offer you some materials that document your efforts:

  • a certification deed from the TÜV Rheinland Energy GmbH, a global independent auditor
  • the TUVdotCOM ID Logo (which documents this certification) for RenewablePLUS
  • a custom certificate (for Guarantees of Origin) that includes your brand and logo to support your advertising and marketing efforts, issued by Bischoff & Ditze Energy

You can find more information on our product here.

RenewablePLUS – Your choice for efficiency and convenience

A well established label:  The viability of RenewablePLUS has been proven on the marketplace for years. You can rely on and profit from our experience on the market for Guarantees of Origin, which has been incorporated into the development of this label. By ensuring a guaranteed green investment, RenewablePLUS provides a reliable additional environmental use. Furthermore, RenewablePLUS is independently audited and ready for use.

Hassle-free processing with BDE:  We handle the entire audition process with a global independent auditor (the TÜV Rheinland Energy GmbH), allowing your company to avoid efforts. As a result you get an established green energy product without having to go through the hassle of an audit. If you want an audit of your own branded RenewablePLUS based product, we will support you and chaperon the audit. Based on RenewablePLUS and with our support you can minimize the efforts involved in developing and launching your green product.

RenewablePLUS based custom label creation

Create a custom label:  Do you need to win a tender? Do your customers have additional requirements? No problem! If you want to add features or have to meet additional requirements, we can deliver. RenewablePLUS is highly customisable: it can easily be supplemented and build upon. We will handle most of the steps involved, in cooperation with the TÜV Rheinland GmbH, a globally renowned independent auditor. Based on RenewablePLUS we can create almost any green energy product you may need. All you need to do is tell us your requirements and we will do our best to help you meet them.

For more information, you can contact us. Malte Mertens and  Julia Pösl will gladly inform you and help you reach your goals, with our products.

Independently Audited

One of the advantages of our label RenewablePLUS is the fact that it is being audited by a globally renowned independent institution, the TÜV Rheinland Energy GmbH. The costs and efforts involved in this process are carried by us. So, when you buy RenewablePLUS you get an established and independently audited product without extra costs. If you want to have your own, individual or customised RenewablePLUS based product audited, we will gladly support you and take care of the audit.

For more information, you can contact Malte Mertens, who will do his best to inform you and help you reach your goals, with our products.

Current TÜV certificate

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