About Us …

Bischoff & Ditze Energy (BDE) was established in 2005. Since then BDE resides in the beautiful harbour city of Hamburg, a centre of commerce. BDE was the first professionalized German company to handle European Guarantees of Origin (GoOs) for German customers. We are one of the best established companies in this area and for years have been one of the German market leaders. Our staff members are renowned for their expertise and experience in the fields of green energy, renewables and climate neutrality. Over the years we have developed a diverse set of services for our customers.

Green electricity & Guarantees of Origin

Green Electricity

  • Establishing and incorporating some of the first green energy suppliers and green energy brands in Germany
  • Being consultant for introducing documentation of electricity origin in Germany and authoring a guideline for it
  • Developing, establishing and chaperoning green electricity products for and with German energy suppliers, services and delivery companies

Green energy labels

BDE was the first company from the private sector that managed to establish its own green energy label on the German market in 2008. As pioneers in the GoO-business, we have amassed a great deal of knowhow developing and establishing green energy labels in the marketplace. You can profit from our expertise by using one of our certified labels

2008 – RenewablePLUS

Prioritises investing in the expansion of renewable energy production.

2013 – GO NEW100

Designed to ensure that new renewable energy facilities are actually utilised and integrated into the grid.

Green energy – support of labels

We have also been involved in the following areas of expertice:


Member of EKOenergy’s Advisory Group



European Stakeholder to the Green-e program



Consulting customers in meeting the LEED-standard for electricity


Implementing, marketing and support for audits for ok-power based products


Implementing, marketing and support for audits for TÜV Süd and TÜV Nord based products


Green energy products

Developing and implementing customized energy labels (some of which were based on our labels RenewablePLUS & HKN NEU100)

Guarantees of Origin (GoOs)

We habe profound experience:

  • handling GoOs and developing GoO-based products and services
  • with the international system of GoO-registries and navigating the European GoO-market
  • with RECS international (since its inception in 2000), chaperoning its implementation and early usage and being a long-time board member
  • consulting with the authorities during the establishment of the national German GoO-registry (UBA HKN-R) and being a permanent member of its council

Climate Neutrality

Climate Neutrality Solutions

  • Development, launch and establishment of climate neutral products and solutions for energy suppliers and other businesses
  • Resources to support you in announcing and promoting the climate neutrality and green properties of your brand/business, for example by documenting your green efforts or by having a climate neutral website


Labels for Climate Neutrality

  • Development, launch and establishment of climate neutral energy products like for example climate neutral gas or heat rates and contracts for customers of energy suppliers
  • We can also organise and chaperon the audit and certification of your climate neutral products/brands for you
  • BDE was the first German non-public company to establish a label for climate neutrality through Verified Emission Reductions (VERs):

EcoPLUS: a standard that ensures that the projects that generate the VERs used also adhere to elevated social and ecological requirements, thus providing sustainable climate protection thes features are being audited by a globally renowned independent institution, the TÜV Rheinland Energy GmbH


Systems for Climate Neutrality

  • Establishing a VERs-account at the Markit registry
  • We also offer administrating and handling your VERs(-accounts)

GoO System for Green Hydrogen in the EU

Participation in the in the CertifHy  project, which is in the project phase of implementing a EU-wide GoO-system for Green Hydrogen.


So, whatever you may need in these areas, we will do our best to help you reach your goals: with our products & services.
We are looking forward to hearing from you, soon.