Our portfolio

We can offer you Verified Emission Reductions (VERs) from a wide variety of climate protection projects that adhere to a wide variety of standards: e.g. the Verified Carbon Standard, the Gold Standard, EcoPLUS, the Social Carbon Standard and many more. You can use these VERs to create a sustainable gas product. No matter what you require in the realm of VERs, we can deliver.

If you have questions about Verified Emission Reductions, feel free to contact us.

Susatinbable gas – the right fit for you and your customers

Verified Emission Reductions (VERs) give you the option to help reducing CO2 emissions outside your value chain. At the same time by choosing effective and sustainable climate protection projects, you have the opportunity to make your product sustainable, future oriented and ecologically sound. The climate protection projects in our VERs portfolio do not only adhere to globally recognised high standards (like the Gold Standard, the VCS or the SCS), they also facilitate sustainable developments in their respective region. Furthermore, all projects used are reviewed by a UNO-approved authority.

We ensure that all of our climate protection projects are:

The projects can only be financed and established through the (additional) sale of Verified Emmision Reductions for carbon offsetting. Therefore their realisation is dependent on your contribution and support.

Our projects are regularly reviewed by independent auditors e.g. the TÜV Rheinland Energy GmbH.

The VERs used are maintained, managed and cancelled in globally recognised international public registries for carbon offsetting.

The projects are located in developing countries, where they matter and are needed most to help facilitate sustainable development and where the resources allocated to the projects can lead to the most effective climate protection.

The climate protection projects from our portfolio are not only guaranteed to reduce carbon emissions efficiently, they also include a variety of measures to facilitate a socially beneficial and sustainable development in their respective regions.

Our service portfolio

Economic success and climate protection don’t have to be mutually exclusive. They can be successfully combined because sustainability can be a great base for a successful business model. We will be at your side and help you integrate climate protection into the development of a sustainable business model.

Due to logistical, technical and economic reasons forgoing carbon emissions in the first place may not always be a viable option, but the option of offsetting them is a very effective and internationally recognised mechanism to enable you nevertheless do your part to protect the climate. By using Verified Emission Reductions (VERs) you can immediately and cost-effectively compensate for your emissions and actively engage in climate protection by doing so, thereby making climate protection a recognisable and effective feature of your brand.

We can offer you a wide variety of services to help you develop your climate protection strategy:

  • We can support you in capturing and assessing your input- and consumption-data through a comprehensive inventory. We can also help you by pointing out and helping you select the most relevant items in terms of emissions.
  • We can give you a calculation of your specific greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with national and international standards for emission assessment.
  • We can thereby help you determine your specific carbon footprint.
  • Compensation of greenhouse gas emissions, complete and according to consumption.
  • Choosing a suitable climate protection project for you and/or your customers. Through our cooperation with selected project partners, we will find the exact project that fits your specific needs best.
  • We then can obtain the relevant and adequate VERs for you.
  • We can do the processing, transferring and cancelation of your VERs at the relevant registry for you.
  • We can help you in establishing and chaperone you through an audit and certification process for your carbon footprint with an independent auditor.

Optional independent audit

We can have your VERs based product audited by an independent institution, the TÜV Rheinland GmbH. We also offer handling the whole process for you. So that the only thing that is left for you to do is to tell us your requirements and we will take care of the audition process with TÜV Rheinland.For more information, you can contact us. Julia Pösl and Malte Mertens. will do their best to inform you and help you reach your goals, with our products.

What can be offset?

Greenhouse gas emissions can arise in various areas. We can offer you and your customers customized solutions that are the perfect fit for any scenario: be it a company, a service, a product, an energy tariff or something else. We are happy to consult you and help you choose the right concept for your path to climate neutrality. The following things/processes can be offset using Verified Emission Reductions (VERs):

An ever increasing amount of energy suppliers make use of the opportunity to offset their natural gas consumption, thereby making it climate neutral. When natural gas is burned for use as energy, carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere at an average of approximately 0,2 kilogramm per kilowatt-hour. This translates to a yearly emission of approximately 3,8 metric tons for an average central European household.

In order to give their natural gas customers the option of offsetting their own (gas-based) energy consumption, energy suppliers can offer them climate neutral tariffs for natural gas. Climate neutrality is achieved by carbon offsets through VERs, which can be derived from a variety of climate protection projects that can adhere to variety of different standards for quality and sustainability.


Of course, the World Wide Web also causes worldwide carbon emissions. These emissions are caused at all steps of internet use and maintenance: from the manufacture, transportation and installation of the parts needed, the power consumed by individual devices accessing the sites (Tablets, Notebooks, Smartphones and PCs) and the energy used for transmitting data through cables to the energy used by the servers and server-farms. All of these emissions can be offset and more importantly for you we can offset the part of these emissions that is attributable to your website – thereby giving you the option of having a climate neutral website. So, go right ahead, make your contribution to global climate protection and make your website climate neutral.


The climate protection efforts a company makes are becoming an ever more important part of its public perception and image as part of its overall sustainability (efforts). Therefore, your company’s efforts to protect the climate can give you a decisive edge over your completion. Worldwide more and more regions, communities, municipalities and public utilities are implementing climate protection programs and measures as part of their future oriented sustainability efforts. So, don’t get left behind and make your company climate neutral.

Transport is an integral part of our daily lives and we depend on it all the time: be it because we need our food to actually arrive at the supermarket or be it because we need to be at our jobs on time. So, forgoing transportation in order to help along climate protection is rarely a viable option, neither in our public nor in our private life. Although there are more climate and environmental-friendly ways of getting around like using public transport, those also cause emissions. But as unavoidable as they may be, your emissions can be offset by supporting climate protection projects. So your company can protect the environment and reduce its carbon footprint. We will gladly help you develop your strategy for tackling this challenge.

You are planning an event? No matter what type of event you are planning: exhibition, seminar or a big public event, why not make it more appealing to your environmentally conscious customers? Set an example and have a climate friendly event: offset its emissions and make it a climate neutral event