International REC Standard (I-REC):

A global system for Guarantees of Origin based on renewable energy

You have international customers who want to account for electricity from renewable sources in different countries? Bischoff & Ditze Energy can offer worldwide clearance of Guaranties of Origin (GoOs) – according to the I-REC standard for origin of electricity from renewable energy sources..

The standard that has been the used for years – in Germany, the European Union, the US and in Australia and which has been utilized by companies and utilities – has now received its own reliable worldwide implementation. By use of the International Standard REC (I-REC Standard) GoOs for power derived from electricity from renewable energy sources may be issued and cancelled for companies in many countries around the world. Among other things, this can be very practical for companies who, for example, do not have their offices only in Europe, but also in other parts of the world – like Turkey, Mexico, China or Taiwan. As of now, the I-REC system has been established in many countries as a single centralized registry, ready to be utilized by enterprise customers on a global scale.

Based on more than 15 years of experience

The I-REC standard was established as the result of many years of experience and the extensive knowledge gained from the European system of of Guarantees of Origin for renewable electricity. The European founders and members of the I-REC standard have had over a decade of experience with introducing, establishing and operating such a standard and such a system in Europe. One of these members is Bischoff & Ditze Energy, which was not only one of the first companies to redeem Guarantees of Origin in Germany, but which is also the first German company who joined the I-REC standard. I-REC is a reliable standard and an established system for issuing Guarantees of Origin, for their management in a separate registry (the IREC registry) and for their cancelation. Therefore, it can be used for end users all over the world.

Borderless: Guarantees of Origin from renewable sources

In many European countries, including Germany, GoOs are legally binding and have to be adequately reported. I-REC is a voluntary instrument for businesses and consumers through which they can acquire GoOs from outside Europe of use outside of Europe. Currently (May 2016) power plants can be registered and Guarantees of Origins can be issued in Chile, China, Honduras, India, Mexico, Taiwan, Turkey, Uganda and Vietnam. Other countries, such as Brazil, Israel, Japan, Russia, Singapore and South-Africa, are currently in talks regarding the I-REC standard.

The goal that the I-REC project is designed to fulfil is: to globally allow all consumers to cover their electricity consumption with renewable energy, regardless of where they consume their power and, at the same time, to give consumers the freedom of choosing in which country or region their electricity is produced. The IREC standard specifies the essential rules and regulations for ensuring a transparent and reliable global process that also prevents the double counting of electricity from renewable energy sources.

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG), within which the internationally recognized standard for the acquisition and the calculation of greenhouse gas emissions was developed, refers to the International Standard REC as a mechanism and instrument for guaranteeing origin for CO2 emission accounting on the global level (Scope 2). If you want to use guarantees of origin from Europe for global production in other countries, we will be at your service with our "Ex-domain tools". This option is currently available worldwide and is already being practiced. For more information, please contact us.

Benefits for international companies

The International REC standard as a global partner offers numerous advantages:

  • ­­Easy acquisition and use of GoOs for renewable energy outside of Europe
  • Comparable to well established systems in European countries and the US, such as in Germany
  • Transparent, credible and reliable: no double counting of electricity
  • Already established in many countries: hassle-free and easy to use
  • Internationally recognized

If you would like to use GoOs from renewable sources inside and outside of Europe, please contact us. There are many options available and already being practiced, worldwide.
For more information you can contact
Mr. Mertens or Ms. Pösl.

Video: How The International REC Standard Works

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