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Do you want to bring the idea of European unity back to the fore and contribute to a green future for Europe? By using our label European Green, you and your customers can lead the way in an ambitious and important project, the transition of European energy supply systems into one unified, interconnected and sustainable energy system. So you can do your share to help bring about a sustainable, ecologically sound and future oriented energy supply system for Europe. Our certified standard European Green is a great tool to show that your company is committed to a green future for Europe.

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Guarantees of Origin (GoOs) that adhere to the certified European Green standard offer the following properties:

It is vital to foster the development of all renewable energy sources, if we are to achieve the transformation of European energy supply systems into one sustainable, interconnected, ecologically sound and future oriented system. This means incorporating the strengths of all European regions, in order to ensure a constant and secure renewable power supply for all of Europe. Therefore, European Green incorporates a blend of several sources of renewable energy.

This blend is composed of the following five renewable energy sources:

  •        Hydro power
  •        Wind power
  •        Power from biomass
  •        Geothermal energy
  •     Solar power

European Green utilises the entire spectrum of renewable energy sources. In order to ensure this diversity, any GoO-package sold under the European Green-label has to consist of energy from at least four different renewable sources:

  • the share of any energy source included has to be at least 5% and can be at most 65%
  • the combined share of biomass, geothermal and solar energy has to be at least 15%

Europe is a diverse but also interconnected continent that faces shared challenges. A variety of regions and countries have to be included in transforming European energy supply systems towards sustainability. In order to help the transition process, any GoO-package sold under the European Green label has to originate from at least four distinct countries.

GoOs from all countries that participate in the European registry of GoOs can be used for European Green. The Renewables Directive (2009/28/EC) has created a unified and consistent framework for production and trade of GoOs from renewable energy sources. This is meant to help all participating countries reach their sustainability-goals via a European system of support and through shared transnational energy projects.

The certified green qualities and properties of our label European Green are derived from renewable energy sources. This green origin and the ecological qualities of the label are documented in and guaranteed by the GoOs, which are certified by the appropriate (EECS-GO) authorities. We can also offer ex-domain cancelations, if necessary.

As a globally renowned independent auditor, the TÜV Rheinland Energy GmbH certifies European Green on an annual basis. This review is based on our publicly and transparently kept Catalogue of Criteria (version 1.1)  download here.

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