Green Electricity

Power utilities and other businesses can go green by getting their electricity supply and usage from renewable energy sources. In order to do that, several national frameworks and registries can be used. In Europe the mechanism used for this are Guarantees of Origin (GoOs), in the US RECs are used and in many countries that do not have a national registry yet the I-REC system can be used.

But green electricity is only one of the stepping stones on your way to becoming a recognized green business. Your commitment to green energy also needs to be communicated to your customer base and that is where we can offer you our support and expertise. We have a comprehensive portfolio of content and services that help you communicate your green commitment to your customer base in a convincing way. When you choose one of our recognised labels for renewables – RenewablePLUS, European Green or HKN NEU100 – you also get the appropriate content and material for your marketing efforts from us. Beyond that we can also help you craft your own messaging for your custom green energy products. However you choose to go green, we can help you tell your customer base about it.


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