Climate neutrality solutions – the right fit for you and your customers

Carbon offsetting through Verified Emission Reductions (VERs) gives you the option to help protect the climate. At the same time by choosing effective and sustainable climate protection projects, you have the opportunity to make your brand/product/company/service sustainable, future oriented and ecologically sound. The climate protection projects in our VERs portfolio do not only adhere to globally recognised high standards (like the Gold Standard, the VCS or the SCS), they also facilitate sustainable developments in their respective region. Furthermore, all projects used are reviewed by a UNO-approved authority.
We ensure that all of our climate protection projects are:

The projects can only be financed and established through the (additional) sale of Verified Emmision Reductions for carbon offsetting. Therefore their realisation is dependent on your contribution and support.

Our projects are regularly reviewed by independent auditors e.g. the TÜV Rheinland Energy GmbH.

The VERs used are maintained, managed and cancelled in globally recognised international public registries for carbon offsetting.

The projects are located in developing countries, where they matter and are needed most to help facilitate sustainable development and where the resources allocated to the projects can lead to the most effective climate protection.

Socially beneficial
The climate protection projects from our portfolio are not only guaranteed to reduce carbon emissions efficiently, they also include a variety of measures to facilitate a socially beneficial and sustainable development in their respective regions.

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